Student Activities

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Interconnection Techniques in Electronics

The INTERCONNECTION TECHNIQUES IN ELECTRONICS (TIE) contest is a student professional contest whose objective is to promote technological computer-aided design (CAE-CAD-CAM) of electronic modules. This contest brings together students from various universities since 1992.

The “Tudor Tănăsescu” contest

This student contest is the oldest professional competition for students from Romania in the fields of electronics, automation, and computer science. Organized, with some interruptions, since 1974, the “Tudor Tanasescu” contest reached the 40th edition in 2019. The event is addressed to students with the best scholar results from bachelor and master programs. The main topics are the two fundamental disciplines of the electronics engineer: Analog Integrated Circuits; Signals, Circuits and Systems.

The Summer School on Antennas şi Propagation

Initiated in 2018 by Antennas and Propagation Society and Council on RFID Romania Joint Chapter, this summer school provides an interactive program where the participants, besides theoretical topics discussed in an open way, can visit the premises of important companies with activities focused on antennas in telecommunications. The location of the event changes from year to year; the past and actual editions are:

2018 – Maritime University of Constanta

2019 – University Politehnica of Timisoara

2021 – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca