IEEE Romania Blockchain Local Group Hackathon 2024

The IEEE Romania Blockchain Local Group is organising a hackathon competition.

Full information available at:

Organization of the Hackathon

1. January to April 2024 – Teams formation

If you want to participate, send to Ramona Popa an e-mail with the following documents: 

1) Project proposal – 1-2 pages– with title of the project that you propose, members of the team, and an outline of the proposed project;

2) CVs of the members of the team.

The outline of the project should contain the following sections:

  1. Project idea and motivation
  2. Proposed design (high-level view of the technical solution)
  3. Proposed project timeline (activities, deliverables, deadlines)

2. April 2024: Initial screening of the teams

There will be an online screening of the proposals in April and assignment of an observer from IEEE Blockchain Section Romania to each qualified team. The screening will be based on the submitted proposals which will be scored based on: idea and motivation (30%), technical description (50%), proposed timeline (20%). The meaningful integration of Blockchain technologies in the proposal is an eliminatory criteria.

3. April- November 2024 – Projects implementation

Each team will work in this period on their project at their own pace. The observer will observe the project, communication with the team in periodic online meetings and give suggestions. It is recommended that the teams submit or have ready for submitting a research paper based on their work.

4. November 2024 – Awards

In November there will be a face to face Award event (if needed, there will be also an online component) for deciding the recipients of the prizes.

The projects will be judged based on:

  1. Satisfying the objectives stated in the proposal
  2. Technical complexity
  3. Technical correctness
  4. Integration of Blockchain technologies
  5. Dissemination of results in research publications

The committee that will give the awards is formed by:

1. Andrei Vasilateanu
2. Gora Datta
3. Bujor Pavaloiu
4. Viorel Marian
5. Ramona Popa
6. Alexandru Mitrea
7. Nicolae Goga

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